The Delegation of IMPH of Tsinghua University


June 26, 2018, Professor Cheng Feng, Project Manager for the International Master of Public Health Program (IPPH) at Tsinghua University, and Director Jing Jun of the Public Health Research Center at Tsinghua University, led a group of graduates of the program to tour the campus of the Haier Company.  The graduating class this year consists of students from thirteen countries including Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Sao Tome and Principe.  Many are celebrities in their own countries.

The aim of the visit was to provide the students with an opportunity to get to know China, and China’s medical device industry.  It also showcased China’s economic strength and desire to further promote and develop domestic industrial infrastructure.  Haier Biological, a well-known leader in the marketplace for medical products, was the choice of the field trip based on its strong influence and recognition on brand name and technological innovation.  The group visited the Haier Museum for Innovation, Exhibition for Haier Culture and the Assembly Plant of Haier Biological.  The students appreciated the development process of the company, and showed strong interest in Haier’s solar powered vaccine refrigerators, ultra-low temperature freezers, and bio-safety cabinets. They all expressed their desire to help promote Haier products at their home countries.

The IMPH program at Tsinghua University is one of the South-South Cooperation projects sponsored by the Chinese central government.  Approved by the Ministry of State, it is a program jointly operated by the Ministry of State and the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs with a scholarship for Advanced Master’s Degree for Foreign Students. The graduate program, taught in the English language, is designed to attract professionals from developing countries who are in the field of health management, disease control, and health service organizations. Professors at the program include well-known scholars in the field of basic medicine, health management, and social medicine. The program aims to train strong future global leaders in public health management. Students are expected to gain knowledge and skill sets in basic public health theory, analytical tools, and to understand the health issues in developing countries, and ultimately, to learn to make strategic decisions on handling and solving key health issues. The program also serves as a means to allow China to make contributions to the world health improvement through strong international cooperation and networking.




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