Vaccine Safety Solutions

Vaccine Safety Solutions

Devices that do not rely on electricity to operate and can maintain long-term constant temperature for the storage of vaccines under harsh environmental conditions are the key for broad implementation in these areas. By the end of 2011, only four companies, including three companies in Europe and us, could provide solar vaccine safety solutions (see the pqs catalog (2011 edition)). Through continuous research and development, we have achieved the development and manufacture of real-time vaccine storage devices which can be used under conditions with intermittent or no power supply and in equatorial to high–latitude regions. The relevant products enable storage of vaccines at a constant temperature of 2°C - 8 °C under ambient temperature of 5°C - 43 °C.They can also maintain safe storage temperature for more than 120 hours in continuous rainy weather, far exceeding the 72-hour safe storage requirement stipulated by World Health Organization, and ranking top internationally in terms of their safe storage capacity.

In China, we also actively promote our vaccine safety solution based on the U-COOL® cryopreservation control platform, and build a four-tier (i.e. provincial, municipal, county and village) safety networking solution for vaccines covering the production, transportation, storage and vaccination.] Our vaccine solution provides continuous real-time monitoring throughout the entire process from vaccine production to vaccination. The vaccines are first stored in the vaccine refrigerators or freezers of the manufacturers, and then delivered to recipients in hospitals and local clinics by vehicles on which refrigerator is installed for vaccination purpose. Our cryopreservation monitoring system monitors the temperature and humidity data collected by loggers in every stage from vaccine production to vaccination. Such solution provides real-time comprehensive
cryopreservation monitoring and safe warehouse management during the whole process. In China, we provide vaccine safety solution for more than [60%] of the provincial disease prevention and control institutions.


U-Cool® cryopreservation monitoring platform

U-Cool® cryopreservation monitoring platform is a management platform that can help users to develop multi-tier management with various terminals in order to monitor the temperature of devices and send warnings.Users can implement categorized management by setting up the visitor authority mechanism in terms of levels,districts, device terminals and functions]. The software can demonstrate analysis through images, maps and tracks, which facilitate more efficient administration and monitoring. Users can also preset their own alert models with various levels and set timers for sending warnings. Moreover, the software is equipped with WeChat platform. Users can make real-time enquires, monitor the operation of devices and receive notifications via WeChat. As of the Latest Practicable Date our solution has been applied in more than [70,000]devices in drugs,vaccines, samples, blood, reagents and other fields since 2009 to enable end-to-end cryopreservation monitoring and management.




U-COOL® cryopreservation control platform



Vaccine storage equipment

Our vaccine storage equipment can be operated under different conditions from stable power supply,intermittent power supply to no power supply. Under condition with stable power supply, we can provide a series of products ranging from 2-8°C special refrigeration equipment to -25°C special freezing equipment. Under condition with intermittent power supply, our products can maintain the required temperature during periods of power shortage through ice storage. Under conditions without power supply, we apply solar energy to keep the temperature inside the boxes. All of our equipment meet the A-class anti-freezing standard.



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